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Hi, my name is Slava.

Let me tell you a little about me…


First of all i can’t stop learning

I was born in Ekaterinburg in 1987 – industrial center of Russia situated in Ural Mountains. My parents had engineering education, father was phisicist, my grandfather was civil engineering manager and i have catch that spirit.

2004 – I have finished the school with physics and math grade.

2009 – Specialist in computer systems engineering (Institute of Physics and Technology, Ural State Technical University, Ekaterinburg, Russia).

2013 – Candidate of Technical Science, Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and software complexes (Gubkin University of Oil and Gas, Moscow, Russia).

2018 – I moved to Moscow with family and start Doctoral thesis research…


I guess that every manager or engineer should be an artist


systems engineering management, R&D management, project management, product management, innovation management


concept development, requirements engineering, system analysis, system architecture definition, verification and validation, database design, software design, decision support


mathematical modeling, forecasting, optimization, big data analysis and visualization, image and video analysis, simulation, machine learning


I have spended 13 years for hard work in the industry and feel great

Lead of R&D team
2006 – 2016

SIAMS is russian-american IT-company founded in Ekaterinburg with specialization in image analysis systems. It was my first experience in software and system development, maintainence, sales etc. We have created the great products and the company is growing every year!

Associate professor / Head of Laboratory
2014 – 2019

We have founded the First master’s program on systems engineering in Russia and now this activity is evolving into the new institutions and international communities. Many thanks to INCOSE for networking! I continue to lecture on systems engineering and plan to develop this place with all my might.

Head of R&D department
2016 – 2019

ABC SOLUTION was the HR-Tech startup invested by LANIT but only in 3 years it has grown into serious industrial IT-company with big and complex projects in the fields of workforce management, talent management, biometric systems, gaming and business intelligence. We have created R&D department in Ekaterinburg and i took governance on innovation projects from Moscow office.

Chief technology officer

It was irrerplaceable project experience of complex informational system engineering for Russian Railways based on big data. We have managed distributed team and very strong mathematical problems on the board. Thanks to NAUMEN governance and support!


I have put my soul there

DSS for Russian railways

Decision support system development for railway demand forecasting and resource planning




The High-Speed Scanning for detecting Tampered Electrical Electronic Devices

Brunel University London
Smiths Detection
Heathrow airport


Goodt Clock

Biometric system development based on stereo image recognition / retail



ZOZO WFM / Goodt Time

Workforce management system development / retail



Smart endoscope

Decision support system development for endoscopy cancer early diagnostics

Ministry of Education and Science (Russia)


SIAMS LabCenter

Development of information system for laboratory workflow




DEM simulation software development for heavy machinery




3D image analysis, fluid flow simulation and computer tomography software development for oil&gas and medicine


2012 – 2013

Load balancing system

Distributed computing software development for educational research projects

Ural Federal University
Ministry of Education and Science (Russia)



Multiscale modeling software development for nanotech

Russian Academy of Science Photochemisty Center
Kintech Lab
Ministry of Education and Science (Russia)

2008 – 2010

Leaf modeling

Leaf microstucture modeling and photosynthesis simulation software development

Russian Academy of Science
Ural Botanic Garden


S3D Project

Rock microstructure modeling software development for oil&gas (thesis research)

Ural Federal University
Gubkin University

2007 – 2012

Interesting facts

I like to tell the stories about it, just ask

2019 – Co-founder and product owner in startup “Product studio”

2018 – President of INCOSE Russian Chapter

2018 – Visiting Academic in Brunel University London (Systems Engineering Research Group)

2018 – Reader in Systems management school (Moscow), course “Systems engineering”

2018 – Head of Research Laboratory “Modeling and optimization of complex systems” in Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg)

2017 – Author of the book «Systems engineer» (>1000 sales)

2016 – Systems and software engineering consultant (own business)

2014 – Created the master program «Systems engineering» (Ural federal university), the first in Russia

2013 – Personally made a presentation to Russian Federation President Putin about the first telepathology system in Russia

Last publications and proceedings

Looks like reports about my research

Patent 2609737 Distributed cognitive decision support automated system for diagnostics in medicine

A method for recognizing changes in stomach mucosal microstructure by video endoscopy. 2017 Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis

The real time endoscopic image analysis. 2017 Proceedings of SPIE – The International Society for Optical Engineering

Formation of self-assembled pattern of glycine microcrystals: Experiment and computer simulation. 2016 Ferroelectrics

Detector of interest point within region of interest on NBI endoscopy images. 2016 CEUR Workshop Proceedings

Hybrid classification approach to decision support for endoscopy in gastrointestinal tract. 2015 Communications in Computer and Information Science

Coffee ring effect during drying of colloid drop: Experiment and computer simulation. 2015 Ferroelectrics


Many thanks to colleagues from Ural Federal Univerity to support of my learning!

APPLE Project, Education in robotics, ECM, October 2017 (Berlin)

NETCENG Project, Brunel Summer School, June 2015 (London)

NETCENG Project, Environment engineering course, May 2015 (Vilnius)

Ural federal university, Mathematical modeling in finances, May 2014 (Ekaterinburg)

City cats

I like to paint in free time. One day when i had living single and working a lot i have painted the pictures about city cat life.

Product Studio

Model-based systems engineering startup

I am product owner of Product studio. This is model-based systems engineering (MBSE) tool. We started development in System management school in 2018 but several russian universities already apply it for educational purpose and we have industrial clients on early stages.

Now i am applying Product studio in my systems engineering courses. You can try it online for free.

Try it now!Courses and trainings

Music hobby

Yes, I am home made musician

I produce music albums since 2003 in my home studio. I like it very much because it’s sublimation of my risk intensive job. Here i am composer, guitarist, vocalist, drums etc. It helps me to grow in holistic thinking and feeling and have “helicopter view” in big complex projects.

I am inspired by Depeche mode, U2, Duran Duran, Muse, Placebo, A-ha, Andreas Johnson and many others synthpop, new wave, rock and alternative musicians.

In 2004 i had created arrangement for russian rock bands “Agatha Christie” and “Moskva-Luna”.

Listen my musicMy achivement

Finally, the Books

When I try to make sense of my life, I write book

Systems Engineer

Industrial novel

10011 Records

Futuristic story